Wednesday, August 30, 2017

All here

Today Kirk and Laila arrived so the "team" is all here now. Kind of strange to be in a place that I have been before that is usually bustling with energy and noise and craziness and have it be calm and quiet. Today before picking up Kirk and Laila I ran errands with Sally. In the past when with a team I could never understand why people running errands took so long. Today I understand. We went to a bookstore to return some books and order some more and every part of the process was slow. We went next door to get some chalkboard long rulers and they had to go who knows where to get the 5 we wanted. The traffic around the city is slow but also crazy! I gladly gave up my front seat from the airport so I didn't have to see all the near misses. People walk right in front of cars and never bother to look. Mini bus drivers are crazy! But this is Malawi and so I take some comfort in seeing these things that stay the same each time I am here. Tomorrow is the school dedication and I get to go hug some kids I love with all my heart.

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